Sunday in Oslo

Last Sunday we both had a day off and thought it´d be nice to spend it outdoors since the weather Gods were on our side. 😉 We decided we should take a stroll along the Aker river with Sammy, so he could run freely and take a dip here and there. There´s nothing like a bath in the river to cool off this happy dog of ours. We were heading towards the Food Court- Mathallen, but then we saw Nedre Foss Gård, a restaurant I´d just tried a couple of days before and that appealed to us now, as well. The court yard was pretty and summery, all “dressed up” in orange. 😉  The service was great and so was the food!IMG_5900 As an appetiser I took a glass of Crémant (they didn´t have Prosecco!) and Vuong chose Sake. Cheers!IMG_5897 I´m not so fond of meat in the summer, so I opted for a vegetarian dish, fresh pasta with tomatoes and parmesan. It was delicious in every way! So simple and yet so much flavour! IMG_5898 Vuong had a pulled pork sandwich and was happy with it, too. I tasted a bit, it was smoked pork and nothing short of fantastic!IMG_5899 IMG_5869 A mother-son moment on our way there. Sam loves to jump on benches and sit there until you cuddle with him. 😉 Suits me just fine, I could snuggle with this guy 24/7!IMG_5905 Wild cherries growing everywhere. Think I might be baking a cake with those beauties soon. Recipe on the blog! 😉IMG_5910 Telthusbakken, a famous hill for its quirky houses, colourful flowers and garden patches on the left hand side. Wouldn´t mind living here, not one bit!IMG_5915 IMG_5921IMG_5916 IMG_5917 IMG_5924 IMG_5933 IMG_5935 This is Sankthanshaugen, a lovely residential area where I enjoy strolling on a hot summer day. IMG_5941 On our way, Sammy managed to spook a cat. Again!IMG_5942 Cooling down yet again, this time in a creek in the park. Then coffee and chit chat with our friend, monsieur Franck. 😉 IMG_5956Have a lovely day! xxx, Alina

5 thoughts on “Sunday in Oslo

  1. Fantastic photos…this post is making me hungry! 😉 Can’t wait for your recipe for wild cherry cake. I tried wild cherries in Romania for the first time, delicious x

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