Summer faves

Every summer I find myself wishing for small changes around the house. Unfortunately I´m a hoarder, slightly compulsive and lazy on top of that, so getting rid of things is not easy. 😉 I grew up with my Grandma, you see, and it´s in my blood to think I might need that particular thing again someday. Haha! So, except for the occasional selling or give-away at my husband´s pressure, my solution has normally been to move into a bigger home. Haha! 😉

Anyways. I found a couple of nice things I´d love to get from Etsy, hope you like them, too! 😉woven wall carpet, HerronTextile, Etsy

Lovely ceramic pots from SusanSimonini, Etsy
A cheerful poster from Monoqi

I´d literally die for these blue agate stone necklaces! AmprisLoves, Etsy

Please gift me these earrings for my birthday! 😉  AlmostDone, Etsy

I never get enough of couch cushions, this one is from SeaAndStoneShop, Etsy

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