Café Sara

Yesterday afternoon we met with a couple of friends over a beer and some Mexican food. We´ve been regulars at Café Sara for more than 12 years now and it´s never disappointed us. The food is yummy, the prices- low and the atmosphere- perfect, whether you´re a broke student or a millionaire. It´s neither more, nor less than it pretends to be and that´s perhaps its recipe for success. A quick lunch, a late night dinner, a couple of beers in the backyard or simply a Friday evening with friends, with café Sara you´ve got it right! And you don´t see any slick stuck-up people as in the Western part of the city (we don´t care too much for them).IMG_5294

The view from the backyard- lights and cloudy skies and my Romanian friends were complaining about this summer. It´s been to cold, not sunny enough, we´ve all heard it and it´s true. But even though I´m often “weather sick”, as long as it doesn´t rain and the temperature is above 20 degrees, my verdict is SUMMER! 😉 So I´m not complaining. I get to wear sandals and wiggle my toes. 😉IMG_5274

About sandals, I wanted to show you my new pair that I´m crazy about. Unfortunately, V didn´t get that, so here I am in all my glory! haha!IMG_5285

White wheat beer- my fave! Refreshing, light and a bit sweet! Plus that I love the glasses!IMG_5279

I´m told I´m not so bad with portraits… 😉 This is Irina, our Romanian friend. (I don´t know what I did to her, but she´s radiating here) 😉IMG_5280

And Marion, our Norwegian princess. 😉 She´s my muse, I just looove to photograph her! IMG_5281

And Monsieur Franck, he´s my best friend. And French. Kiling two birds with one stone. 😉 IMG_5283

The atmosphere is laid back and summer-like. You can laugh, be as loud as you want and no one cares. Big plus!IMG_5282

And Stefan seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did. He´s shy on camera! haha!IMG_5292

French people don´t mind standing out from the crowd- Franck is having a glass of red wine. IMG_5298

Chicken fajitas has been V´s choice for as long as I can remember. And I can vouch for it!



However, I usually have burritos, they´re simply greasier. IMG_5332

Mmm, smells good!IMG_5300

The ice-cream looked appetising enough..

So did the chocolate cake.
IMG_5344Young girls on their way home. They look very different than we did, back when I was growing up. We tried to embody grown up dolls. 😉 ahaha!

xxx, Alina

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