We´re going on a 10 days´ holiday tomorrow and although we know our baby will be in the best of hands, our heart is bleeding for him already. 😉 haha! I know he´s always in my blog entries, but today I felt I should dedicate him an entire story, since he´s brought so much joy into our lives. This picture is from today, he “tried” on a cap in the store where his pops works part time. Don´t you just love him?!!


This fur baby will be 2 and a half years in June and he´s such a sweetheart! I found a couple of old pictures of him, back when he was 5 months old and we went on a trip to Haramsøya, an island outside Ålesund, on the Western Coast of Norway, where a friend of ours is from. He was so little! And so fascinated by nature, the real nature, not only a park or a city forrest! 😉 973679_10151404660596711_1340762129_n


Trying to get under his brother´s skin by smiling as much as he could. And lie close to him. Didn´t work much.;-)

973358_10151404906356711_1773096428_nAnd here he is, smiling with all his teeth, lying in the grass and feeling happy. I tell you, it feels I´ve given birth to him myself, I´m that proud of him!

Today we were at the mall to fix our Mac and so we waited for almost an hour with Sammy, he just sat there, people would come and pet, ask if he bites, try to make jokes, take pictures or talk to him. And he was patient, just waiting for his pops. When an Asian guy walked passed us, he jumped for joy and thought it was his daddy! Isn´t that sweet! So funny! V commented sourly: For you, all Asians look alike. haha!

6 thoughts on “Sam

    1. Awww! 😉 Wish it was easier to travel with dogs! I want a cabin or an apartment somewhere just to be able to enjoy my holiday with my cute little bear! 😉

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