Sunday fun day

We´ve had amazing weather this weekend, it was warm enough to strip down to your t-shirt in the sun, so we´ve been working on our tan from different terraces in town, enjoying a coffee or a beer with good friends. Yesterday we hit the flea market and found a lovely antique mirror and today we met Irina and Stefan downtown for a chat. My father´s still in Oslo and he´s been enjoying the sunny days as much as we have. We´be been walking until our feet hurt, showing him some of the cosy places in town, admiring buildings and churches and smiling at people sunbathing in their bikinis in the park. And Sam has been with us all the time, of course. 😉IMG_2458

Today we chose our parade street- Karl Johan- for a beer, since it´s cheerful and full of life on a sunny Sunday. It was lovely to sit back and just enjoy the warm rays on my face, now that spring is really here! The boys cracked jokes and we gossiped. 😉

IMG_2453After a couple of hours of laughs and good times, we headed towards Aker Brygge, the marina. The town was swelling with people and we felt like we were on a holiday. My father noticed how happy people look and compared them to folks back home, who “don´t feel good unless they complain”. I agree. I know Romania is still a poor country and that many people spend a lot of time making ends meet, but I also know that many have forgotten how to enjoy the little things. Like having a picknik, going to a play or just having a beer in the sun.











I´m hoping for a sunny week. Enjoy yours, too!

xxx, Alina

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