Pops is visiting

My father is visiting for a couple of weeks and since I didn´t have a lot of work these days, Sam and I got to be tourists, too. Today we went to the Akershus Fortress, where I´d only been a couple of times before, but which remains a “hidden gem” by the harbor. It´s from medieval times and they still use most of the buildings housing museums, the National Defense Guard, military offices and this sort of things. The cobblestone alleys and the low houses make you feel like you´re traveling back in time. If only there hadn´t been this many cars parked around!


11102892_10152771520061711_3370091475255482173_oSpring was in full bloom and the tulips were sticking their fragile heads in the sun as if they were tired of winter, too.11136096_10152771519856711_6596815995005431317_o

11036160_10152771694696711_8388938910680947848_oEven Sammy enjoyed the view, curious as he is, he couldn´t leave without checking out the harbor from above. My little goat! 😉



For a Samoyed, it´s never too early in the year for a bath. Especially if there are some geese around worth chasing! 😉

10900117_10152771519861711_8079912343900437991_oThe day was grey to begin with, but a Scandinavian would know better than to leave the house without sunglasses. 😉 So we squinted all the way home.

I´d ordered some bruschetta thinking they´d be cute and small, but these were huge and not particularly tasty, either. My father wouldn´t have any since he didn´t feel like digging in without washing his hands. Talk about spontaneity! 😉

Stay tuned for more adventures in the days to come!

xxx, Alina

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