Good Friday

This year we´re so lucky as to have 6 days off for Easter! 🙂 And since we stayed in Oslo and the weather has been on our side, we thought we´d  take Sammy for nice trips here and there and enjoy our time together as a family. Now I won´t lie to you by saying that I couldn´t imagine a better Easter and that leaving town is overrated, ´cause I´d love to be somewhere nice and warm right now! However, since we´re heading to Romania in a month´s time and my father is visiting at the end of next week, we might as well make the best of our “staycation”, as they call it these days. 😉

Yesterday we went on a hike at Ekeberg, our neighboring forrest, where Sam found a torn up tennis ball and bragged about it big time in front of the other dogs at the dog park. After playing and running around with him like a couple of kids, we had some hot chocolate and a danish and enjoyed the view for a bit.

Today we decided to go to Sognsvann, a lake about 20 minutes away by city train. I choose to call it that since it´s mostly over the ground, so you get a pretty decent view of the surroundings while riding it. And since Sam loves his trips, he wanted to make the most of it by catching glimpses of buildings, people and dogs from my lap. 😉IMG_1744When we arrived, we had to check if the ice was steady, in case Sammy felt the need to go for a bath. 😉 And it was! Although spring has reached the city, Sognsvann was as icy and cold as only winter can be. Sammy was running freely and was happy as a clam until an elderly lady reminded us that we needed to keep him on his leash, since the season for that started on the 1st of April. :-/ Bummer!IMG_1760


The walk is probably an hour and a half, but just when you start thinking you wish it ended, you´re right back where you started! I´m no sporty person, no need to lie about it, I just love seeing Sam happy and the feeling of being tired in your bones, if you know what I mean. 😉IMG_1763You could still see some patches with snow, but the green colors of the trees were a pretty awesome sight for a person who´s been tired of winter since December. 😉







We stopped for a sandwich in the sun while Sammy chewed on a stick. We tried a bit of sunbathing, but it was too cold for that for a couple of city kids like us. IMG_1802


IMG_1834The rest of the day has been all about The Wire, Vuong´s homemade waffles and rosé wine. Tomorrow we´re heading to some other wooden part of the city, stay tuned! 😉

XXX, Alina

5 thoughts on “Good Friday

    1. yey! In that case we should meet up over a coffee or a prosecco! We´ll be staying in Bucharest from the 7-11th, then go on a 4 days´trip to Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara.;-)

      1. Yes! 😉 We could go to a restaurant? Are you there with your man? V is there with me, so he´ll be coming along. 😉

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