Swedish pearl

For me, the most beautiful interiors have always been the creative ones- large rooms, scarcely furnished, with an eclectic style and a steady hand. They need to have lots of light, some French boudoir chic and mid-century Scandinavian pieces. They should exude individuality and shouldn´t be too matchy. Marie Olsson Nylander and her husband William have got it just right. Their house by the sea is a perfect retreat, take a look!

Source: http://www.marieclairemaison.com

One thought on “Swedish pearl

  1. Wow – love the paper “chandelier” – and how about that attic! What a view – must be amazing to live there! We’re in the process of building our own house, we will probably start the work in about 3 months. As we’re faced with all the choices we have to make, I feel a bit overwhelmed! So many decisions! But, I love getting inspiration here and there, just like this post! Thank you:)

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