Sugar-coated almonds

One of my classic take-to gifts in December is home-made sugar-coated almonds. I also make them for ourselves,of course, as well as to spoil whoever visits us during the holidays. The recipe is easy, the secret lies in stirring. And we usually do it together, so that my husband can take over when my arm starts hurting. 😉


500g almonds

250 g caster sugar

150 ml water

Put everything into a casserole and stir from time to time until the water evaporates and the sugar turns white.


Then turn up the heat and stir “fiercely” until the sugar melts again, this time into a caramelized mass. When most of the almonds look brown and glazed, turn them over onto a greaseproof sheet. Take them apart while still a bit warm. Voilà!


I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

xxx, Alina


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