Gift Ideas for Him

What about a camera strap from EAM? The designer is no one other than my husband, his products are hand-crafted in Norway and made to last. For an exclusive Scandinavian look for the modern gentleman, go for simplicity and support a local business! You can find this and other amazing articles on: Essentialarticles

Stay warm with this beanie from Howlin´, you´ll find this one and lots of other solid articles at Huntinglodge. They also have a store in Markveien in Oslo and they´re one of the few shops that made it all the way to Monocle last month.

I fell in love with this sweater straight away, it looks like a starry night, don´t you think? It´s from Norse and it shouldn´t be to hard to get a hold on in Scandinavia, this one is from Pepper. They also have a store in Bergen, if you happen to visit.

Last but not least, invest in a masculine scented candle from Mad et Len. They smell divine and they´re pretty, too! You´ll usually find them in exclusive interior stores, this one is from Eske. They also have a lovely shop in Bislett in Oslo and their neighboring restaurant serves a hell of a South American tapas!;-) Just a tip!;-)

xxx, Alina

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