All I want for Christmas

This year we´re celebrating Christmas at home to avoid too much stress and planning and to save a buck or two. The holidays are pretty intense and, with a dog and a cat, traveling is not that carefree. So we´re staying put and hoping for a calm and white Christmas. There´s usually lots to do anyway and the free days come in handy. We´re getting together with my husband´s family one of the days between Christmas and New Year´s Eve and we´re flying to Vienna in January, to meet with my family.

We´ve talked about not buying too many presents this year and rather gift close friends and family some home-made goodies. The house is getting a lamp, hopefully Snoopy by Flos, a new Italian bed linen and a Soda Stream. 😉 What do you usually offer each other or the house?;-)

xxx, Alina


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