Trondheim part 2

Today was another fun day in the quaint city of Trondheim! Ok, maybe city is a big word, but what a pretty town it is! I totally fell in love with it! I´ll tell you this, I´ll take the first chance I get to go back! Although it was raining this morning, it didn´t last, so I grasped the chance to explore it after hours.


For lunch break, me and my friend Corina went to Lille where we had an amazing salad based solely on local ingredients like cured ham, seasonal vegetables and a yummy pesto.  It was a real experience, especially since I din´t expect it at all, the place was classy, but in a tourist trap kind of way. Oops!;-)

Today I finished early, so I met Vuong for a stroll in Bakkelandet, the most picture-perfect place in town. Winding streets with cobble stone pavement, crooked wooden houses in different colors and lots of students rushing past us. We had lunch at Bakklandet Skydsstation, a café that won the National Geographic price for its unique atmosphere. It´s so grandma cosy,  you can´t help but smile. We ordered baccalao and it was delicious. A bit on the pricy range, maybe, but hey, how often do you get to feel like you went back in time?





Coffee and macarons, a yummy carrot cupcake and white tea were devoured at Fairytale Cupcakes, after seeing the Nidarosdomen Cathedral for the incredible sum of 20€! No, I´m not cheap, I just can´t understand how Norway manages to be so crazy expensive on everything!



Anyway. We´re home safe now and enjoying the pets´company, seems they´ve missed us, too! 😉 Tomorrow I have thousand things to attend to before leaving for Santorini on Saturday morning! 😉 So long!

xxx, Alina

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