This week has been busy and exhausting in terms of work, so I couldn´t wait for the weekend to come. The joy of having a couple of days off was only spoiled by my juice detox diet. I don´t think I´d ever realized how much I enjoy the idea of food, its social connotations, the physicality of it all. How else can I explain why I´d feel so robbed of the pleasure of eating, although I´m not really hungry?

Well, well, that´s one for another day. My weekend proved pretty much fun regardless. I took Sam on a small hiking trip to the woods (you can see how he felt about that from the picture above), did a little office work in my pjs and got to meet with cool Laura from The Copenhagen Tales who was in Oslo for a weekend with her boyfriend. As a German living in Copenhagen, she has lots of interesting angles on the Danish life. Do check her out!

We had a drink at L’étoile at Grand Hotel, a roof top bar with an amazing view over Oslo. We´d only been there once ourselves, but thought it would be a nice spot for tourists to see our little city. In terms of clients, there were mostly businessmen, so not the hippest people if you´re looking for atmosphere. We had a nice time for an hour, though, then headed towards Bare Jazz, a cute hidden spot where you can both buy LPs and have a drink or coffee. Our new friends were refreshingly chatty and urbane and we kept on talking for another hour, then said we´d meet for coffee when in Copenhagen.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, we were watching The Hobit when I fell asleep in the middle of the movie, to Vuong´s disappointment. haha!  Today we´re taking it easy, I´m meeting a friend for coffee and later I´ll catch a movie with Vuong. Sam is starting to exhibit signs of impatience, but it´s raining heavily outside and it´s not even 10 yet, so I pretend I don´t notice for now.  The cat couldn´t be bothered with any of the above mentioned. 😉

xxx, Alina

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