Drowsy days

It´s been so hot in Oslo it´s been difficult to do anything at all, really. Whenever I´ve worked I´ve done so early, but the way back has been an ordeal! I kept feeling I´d collapse before I´ll ever get home. And I find it hard to believe it, since it´s never been this hot this long in all the years I´ve been living here. So I keep pushing myself to do all the things I´d normally do at 25 degrees, but to no avail.

Yesterday I had to tend to my accountancy and since I don´t get internet from the garden I boiled inside. Today was a bit better, I had to translate some documents and I could do it in the garden with Sam, but no beach for this cutie!:-/

Hiding from the heat

What else have I done lately? I´m still on low-carb till Monday, so I´ve been a nice girl and stuck to my diet, I´ll show you a picture in a bit!;-) I´ve never been big, though, so I´m not sure people observe my “transformation”. 😉

Low-carb “taco” Norwegian way


Low-carb dinner with zucchini and parmesan pancakes


We´ve had a glass of wine and a bite here and there, went for a night swim and did some shopping.  Fretex and Reprise are my all time favorites, especially since they use instagram diligently. Sukkerbiten is just a stone´s throw away from Sørenga and most evenings we´ve gone for a dip we ended up there afterwards.


Teketopa is a cozy café downtown and since they´ve just changed the menu, we had to try it! And boy was it worth it! Yummy! Absolutely recommended! Fish of day day was grilled mackerel with salsa verde and potato salad, I of course had to ask them to remove the potatoes from the salad, so I called it fennel and reddish salad instead. 😉


Today we´re going to two different parties, can´t wait! I´ll be drinking wine on my high new golden sandals and ignore the heat completely. Hope you have an amazing weekend wherever you are!

xxx. Alina




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