Almost weekend

This week has been mostly about accountancy (which I hate so much I can´t understand how anybody can put up with it as a full-time job), a little bit of work and lots of family time. With so much unexpected time on my hands, I was fantasizing of making apple jam, scones and healthy smoothies everyday, but instead we ate lots of instant noodles and other junk food varieties. I thought sharing an office  would be great- coffee breaks and quirky conversation, but forgot that my husband recently gave up snus (loose tobacco that you put under your lip), so his nerves were a wreck.

My office

I´m almost done with my accountancy for now and tomorrow I have a 10 hours´day, so things seem to be returning to their normal course . 😉 Besides  working on Saturday, I decided I should dye the hallway in an Elle Decoration kind of grey. I´ll be sure to post some pictures as soon as I´m done with it!

Tonight we´re having salmon sashimi with rice, cucumber salad, wasabi and soy sauce. Now that´s what I call a lazy, but lovely Thursday dinner! Have a good weekend!


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