Holiday Mood

Holidays for me are time for soul searching, you have all that time on your hands to just breathe, eat, sleep and read. I seldom stay at home during holidays, mostly because I want to see new places and one can never trust Norwegian summer to be real summer. On second thought, I should definitely do it more. It’s an entirely different pace, there’s no need to discover anything, you can throw in a coffee or a beer with your friends from time to time, or just turn off the phone and doze off on the balcony under a blanket. 😉 Or make some great food when inspiration seizes you, like these eggplant towers with pesto, chevre and ruccola. So good! 😉

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Thursdays are for soul searching,

Dinners with friends,

Runny nose and clouded eyes,

Thursdays are for sleeping alone.


I don´t want us to move so fast,

I always rush into things,

I don´t even know the meaning of slow,

But I´d like this time to last.


Like in a modern fairytale

I kind of miss you,

But I´m too  busy running around

To admit it to myself.


Good night, pretty baby

Search for me with your fingertips

You´ll find my smell in your sheets.


February, 2016