Holiday Mood

Holidays for me are time for soul searching, you have all that time on your hands to just breathe, eat, sleep and read. I seldom stay at home during holidays, mostly because I want to see new places and one can never trust Norwegian summer to be real summer. On second thought, I should definitely do it more. It’s an entirely different pace, there’s no need to discover anything, you can throw in a coffee or a beer with your friends from time to time, or just turn off the phone and doze off on the balcony under a blanket. 😉 Or make some great food when inspiration seizes you, like these eggplant towers with pesto, chevre and ruccola. So good! 😉

IMG_6784.jpgI still have a couple of hours left of working and as much I as try avoiding it, it’s not going to get done by itself. So I decided to put in some hours yesterday, then treated myself to some filled nan bread from Punjab on my way to Røa to meet a friend for coffee. She was there with her youngest son and we chatted through coffee and ice cream, then walked home to my place so he could eat the tiny strawberries on our plants and pet Sam. 😉

In the evening we went to the beach with Sam, F swam “his miles” while I watched the “sea monster”. He was so beside himself with joy he barked the entire time while I tried to entertain him with sticks and cuddles. In the end we had to leave, I had no more patience and neither did the neighbors, I assume. Haha! He was so happy, though!

On our way home we stopped for beer at Kaktus, our summer pub. Sam found himself a patch of shade and instantly fell asleep with his tongue sticking out of his mouth, whereas we chatted away for an hour or so. It’s incredible how we can talk and talk, although  we’re together most of the time, we can still find something silly to comment on and have a laugh. It’s so good to be two, I really don’t see what people mean when they say they’d rather be alone.

Time to go, the “monster” popped in for treats and is howling already. “Mom, time for my walkie! Just because you’re on a holiday, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to pee!” 😉

xxx, Alina




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