Cauliflower pie

Hey y’all! 😉 How ya’ doing? I’m pretty good. Still itching and still trying to hold my head above the water, but I’m getting good at it, so I might as well enjoy the swim. Haha! (sigh)

Yesterday I had a very short day and did very little with the rest of it, as it often happens with me and so I felt the need to make a yummy dinner and a cake on top of that, to justify my mere existence. haha!

And since I’d made a cauliflower soup a couple of days ago, I still had lots of bacon, cauliflower and cheese and some pie crust in the freezer, so I was good to go. _MG_9986.jpg Continue reading

It´s time for food!

These days I´ve been active on the kitchen front and I always find it up-lifting. The thing with me is that I love cooking, but I´m also very lazy. So I have to trick myself into doing it for a higher purpose, the way I sometimes manage tricking myself into working out. This being said, there´s nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine while preparing something for the man you love. Nothing can beat that, if you ask me. I was born with a little bit of a mother nature complex- I need to feed the world. In other words, if you like my food, we´ll probably be friends in no time!

Yesterday I made my anchovies pie. It´s a classic in our house, I´ve been making it for years now. I got the recipe from a friend living in England and at that time my only relationship with anchovies was that I used to pick them off the pizza. Now I think they can lift up a whole dish!

Here comes the recipe:

butter dough (buy or make your own)

1 big onion

pine kernels

chopped tomatoes



chilli pepper (cayenne pepper)

2 small boxes of anchovies


rusk (or dried bread crumbs)

Sear the onion for a couple of minutes in a pan. Add the tomatoes and the herbs. Season with chili pepper (cayenne pepper), salt and pepper. Let is simmer for 15-20 minutes on a low temperature.

Meanwhile, form the pie dough after the pie form and save some threads to cover the pie like a blue berry pie. Stick small holes in the dough with a fork. Put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

When the tomato sauce is ready, take out the pie, spread it on top of it, cover with bread crumbs, sprinkle with pine kernels and grate some parmesan on top.

Put the anchovies on top and line up the pie dough to look pretty. 15-20 minutes in the oven. Bon apetit!


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