Easter Break

The last couple of days in Oslo have been sunny and wonderful! And it´s been great, since it´s Easter break for most of us. Although I worked a tiny bit on Monday and yesterday and V is at the shop today, it still feels like we own the city, since many people have already left on a holiday. I remember a time when it used to depress me, especially hearing people saying they liked the quiet and empty streets. I used to think “what are you doing in the city, then”?  But I don´t mind it anymore, it feels good to travel at other times of the year and we´re not so sporty, so the mountains are fine where they are, far away. 😉

Today it was spring in every sense of the word! Although only 3 degrees in the shade, the sun was warm and lovely and you could see a carpet of flowers on the ground and the trees getting back their green coat, too! A couple of weeks from now and everything will be in bloom! 😉 Can´t wait!

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Christmas Eve

This year we´re celebrating Christmas in the family, meaning the two of us and our pets. We haven´t actually stayed at home without working or being invited at some other people´s house before, so this is a new experience, but what a lovely one! We woke up early enough and spent a couple of hours drinking coffee, doing nothing and just dragging ourselves around the house (my most favorite activity!). Then V went out to walk Sammy and bought the last ingredients for the orange sauce we´ll make for the duck breast this evening. Meanwhile I set the table, lit the candles, boiled some eggs and took out the Prosecco bottle from the fridge. We dug in, I suggested he opened his present, so he could wear it around and feel comfortable, he loved it and so we toasted for a better year next year. After drinking a bottle of prosecco and a couple of weissbier, watching old Disney cartoons and petting Beo, V and Sam had a nap, while I edited some pictures.(NERD!) I can feel sleep on my eyelashes now, my time to take a nap. I wish you a merry merry Christmas!;-)


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