Easter Break

The last couple of days in Oslo have been sunny and wonderful! And it´s been great, since it´s Easter break for most of us. Although I worked a tiny bit on Monday and yesterday and V is at the shop today, it still feels like we own the city, since many people have already left on a holiday. I remember a time when it used to depress me, especially hearing people saying they liked the quiet and empty streets. I used to think “what are you doing in the city, then”?  But I don´t mind it anymore, it feels good to travel at other times of the year and we´re not so sporty, so the mountains are fine where they are, far away. 😉

Today it was spring in every sense of the word! Although only 3 degrees in the shade, the sun was warm and lovely and you could see a carpet of flowers on the ground and the trees getting back their green coat, too! A couple of weeks from now and everything will be in bloom! 😉 Can´t wait!



We spent the morning at the Botanical garden, first the three of us and then just me and Sam. We walked for a bit, breathing in the fresh air, then I tried to read a bit, before some hippie old ladies sat down next to us and wouldn´t stop “preaching” about how every single friend of theirs had a dog and how very funny they all were in their own particular way. I´m generally fond of talking, but I wasn´t feeling very inspired and besides I wanted to be on my own, so we left to buy some coffee instead. IMG_1581






I got him Sam some “refreshments” and myself a huge muffin and some coffee and the world was a good place to be again. 😉 We could hear the birds chirping and see parents walking strollers with their newborns. I tried to read again, but it was getting a bit cloudy and Sam was showing signs of impatience. So we wrapped it up and started walking home again. After restocking on groceries and wine (the most important!), we´re now looking forward for a pizza evening with friends. V´s home made pizza is the bomb and I´ll be sure to write about it someday soon. 😉 IMG_1597

IMG_1592Have a lovely Easter! We´re lucky to be celebrating the Orthodox one, too, in a week´s time, when my father is coming over to visit! 😉

Hugs, Alina

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