Brownie cookies

For a week or so, I´ve been longing for something sweet and homemade, but the inspiration to bake didn´t announce itself until yesterday. 😉 I´ve been either busy, tired, lazy or I simply couldn´t be bothered with shining the kitchen, in order to start baking.  It so happens that Matpaabordet has many easy-to-make recipes and since I haven´t been disappointed yet, I thought I´d try these cookies. Husband and neighbours applauded my effort and quality checked the result. 😉


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Coconut chocolate chip cookies

Yesterday I invited a couple of friends over for a summer gathering. I was hoping for better weather so we could sit outside, but Scandinavian summers are what they are. However, I and Sam had picked up some wild flowers, lit some candles and opened the windows, so the summer breeze could be felt inside, too. 😉 For mains I made a quinoa salad with peaches, feta cheese and pommegranate, put together a cheese platter for starters and as a dessert I whipped together these lovely chocolate chip cookies with coconut. The recipe I found on Norwegian blogger matpaabordet. They were the bomb! 😉


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