Breakfast Buns with Chia Seeds

Yesterday we had some guests over for lunch, secretly hoping that our girls would play together, but instead they napped, and so I made some minestrone soup and these buns to go with. I would have made the garlic buns, but on account of an intolerance I had to be more creative. These babies I found on trines matblogg and we all liked them so much I decided to make them again today. The original version is no knead, but then you have to have them rise overnight, but I added more yeast and baked them the same day.

Alina tran-7 2


5 dl lukewarm water

2 spoons of chia seeds

350 g flour

150 g wholewheat flour

50 g sunflower seeds

15 g sesami seeds

1 tea spoon salt

1/2 tea spoon sugar

1/2 bag of dry yeast

Put the chia seeds in water and let them swell for 15 minutes.

Place the other ingredients in a baking bowl, add the chia seeds and the water and knead lightly into a fluffy dough. Let the dough rise for an hour, then divide into 12-15 pieces and let them rise again for 45 minutes. Bake for 10-15 minutes in the middle of the oven at 250C, on a preheated tray. Serve with butter and cheese! 😉

Bon appetit!

xxx, Alina

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