Winter 2020

Alina tran-8Winter never came this year and everybody was so disappointed except for me- haha! One less thing to worry about- falling on ice with a big tummy! And freezing my butt off on top of that…But then it started snowing on Sunday evening and yesterday it was winter wonderland for a couple of hours or so. And so I took Sam out in the woods, disregarding my excruciating pelvis pain, and with my camera on my shoulder on top of that. 😉 It proved to be poor judgement since I fell on the ice the first chance I got. Being the good doggo that he is, Sam jumped on top of me “to save me” and so I ended up in an even worse state than the one I was already in. Laying there on the ground and alternating between “Mother of God” and “Fuck me”, I found myself crying, laughing, moaning and giggling, all at once. 

Alina tran-2 2

I won’t bore you with my injured knee and how I barely fell asleep because it was pulsating no matter how much I tried to accommodate my leg. I’m slightly better today and I kept my plans to a minimum- I went to the doctor’s for the regular check-up, then had coffee with Franck, cat purring on my lap and now I’m home. After raiding the cupboard and stuffing myself with both macarons and popcorn- gross, I know! – I’m now back to my book “Outline” by Rachel Cusk, the first in her trilogy that was very well received all over the literary world.

Alina tran-3 2

Tomorrow and Friday I’m working and since I’m doing everything in my power to walk as little as possible these days,  I’ll be spending hours on public transportation, but I have my headphones and my book, so I’ll survive. And then there’s only 2 weeks left until I’m taking maternity leave- hooray!

Alina tran-7

The big move is on the 17th, but before that we have another home inspection coming up on Sunday and to tell you the truth, I’m not up to any more washing AT ALL. I’m officially fedd up with it all, the only thing I feel like doing is curling into a ball in front of the fire place and knit. Or read. Or eat. My God, my adolescent eating disorders were nothing compared to this eating frenzy I’m experiencing now!

Alina tran-5

I’m leaving you with yet another wintry picture of my bear, my beautiful bear that I’m too weak to care for now. 😦 Booked him into a countryside retreat in a couple of weeks’ time, I think he’ll love it! ❤

xxx, Alina

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