Half way into my pregnancy, life is busy and we can’t wait for Madeleine to be born. We’ve already got a bed and some blankets from friends, saved enough money for a pram and now we’re looking for a good armchair for breastfeeding. I was hoping we’d move by then, but my significant other is as thorough as I am impulsive, so things take time.IMG_8230.jpgThe other things come by themselves- the walking like a fat duck, the shortness of breath, the clumsiness. I used to think pregnant ladies took too much space, now I understand why. 😉 The other day F was very funny when he blurted out: “I don’t think you’ll get huge!”  Haha! Thank God for that, I replied. It’s hard work enough as it is, I can’t imagine having to carry 30 extra kilos as some women are unlucky to have to.


Besides from that I’m working at this documentary project where I compare my friend’s life in London to mine in Oslo and I have the feeling it’ll turn out pretty amazing. (I know, I shouldn’t assume too much!)

Got to get ready for an assignment, but it was good talking to you. Drop me a line if you will.

xxx, Alina

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