I haven’t felt like writing in a very long while, I’ve tried to concentrate on photography, half guessing and half knowing what I’m doing. 😉  I can say that I’m slowly starting to get a grip on it, but the more I understand, the more there is left to learn. I did discover what I already knew, that I prefer intuitive pictures to the very technical ones and that’s always a relief, given that I’m such an anti talent when it comes to anything slightly technical. 😉

IMG_5709.jpgBut let me tell you more about our trip to Nice, where we were reunited with friends and spent a long weekend in May. Since I’d only just started with my hormone treatment again, I felt like a troll for the better part of the trip, everything and everybody managed to  get on my nerves. On top of that, the weather was not the best and so I spent lots of my energy on containing my bad mood.


But the city was amazing and so were our friends! They accompanied us everywhere, showing us around the town, recommending pleasant restaurants and sharing a better meal with us. By the way, they have a couple of places to rent there, so should you feel inspired, take a look here. Nice has several lovely vintage shops (BLISS! <3), lots of good eateries, flea marked on Mondays, chilly rosé and delicious salade niçoise.


Its people, be it locals or tourists, were bon-vivant, crowding themselves under the terrace lamps, together with their friends and their miniature dogs. 😉


Nice is known as an Italian city and the colors and architecture reminded me just of that. And so did the vespas. 😉 We’re thinking of going back in the fall, explore a bit more and maybe have a bath in the sea, if the weather Gods are on our side by then. Hopefully not on hormones again. :-/







xxx, Alina

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