In Search of the Light


I’m discovering myself again through photography, through shadows and light, through longing and lust. I’ve never thought of myself as a very creative person before, but now I feel all these streams of consciousness awaking in me and all I want to do is listen. IMG_6292.jpg

We had a lovely fashion shoot last week and now I’m thinking of all the poses I missed, of the light that didn’t get through, of the spirit that was lost.


I’m doing fine, trying to keep my balance everyday and to work towards a tangible goal, but I feel dispersed and dismal.


Currently reading Anna Karenina, such a beautiful story and yet such a patriarchal point of view, no wonder we find it so hard to assert ourselves in society.


I will have some prints ready in about a month’ time, I presume, both self portraits and other stuff. I can’t wait to show you more!


xxx, Alina

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