Lunch at Sentralen

Ever since I moved away from the city centre, most weekends have been about walking Sammy, visiting friends or having people over for coffee. Thinking back I’ve probably stayed in more often than not- taking in the view, doing yoga and baking cake. And since there was no Sam to walk yesterday and we’d both been quite busy lately, I invited F out for lunch, like in the good old days. 😉

_MG_3157.jpgI decided on Brasserie France, for the Parisian atmosphere and the yummy continental cuisine, but they were full. I hadn’t thought of making reservations, since I like to take it slowly in the mornings and having to be somewhere at a certain hour kills my zen. Well, it was their loss anyways. We figured we’d try Brasserie Hansken, where they make a mean onion soup, but on our way there we walked past Sentralen, a modern venue with large windows and what do you know- they had both tables and an alluring menu!


We’d been there on a date, almost 3 years ago and it was cute reminiscing the feeling of new love, the clumsy touching and the stiff front we both put, the better version of ourselves- haha! I love reminding him of that, pretend-quarreling, “had I only known you’re such a fuss over everything, but you made sure not to let it show!”- haha!


But back to the food- we had avocado with beetroot kimchi and red king crab with a delicious leek foam and steamed rolls. I wasn’t crazy about the rolls and we asked for a bit more “regular bread” and since we were in luck, we got sourdough bread with Røros butter! So good!




The crabs were so delicious that, although I really hate getting my hands dirty, not only did I eat them with my hands, but I sucked the shells, too. Haha!


The dessert was a frisky affair- yoghurt ice-cream with lemon curd, meringue and a bay leaf oil- and it was just what I needed to call it a meal! 😉


They’re starting with Danish Christmas Lunch already next week and I’m thinking of gathering my closest friends and book a table. 😉

What have you been up to lately?

xxx, Alina



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