Cabin weekend

Hi, friends! Missed me? I don’t know what I do with my time, it flies so fast! I’ve been trying hard to learn how to drive responsively and it seems to be such a big task for a wooly-headed person like me. I keep driving 20 km under the speed limit on a highway and 20 km over in the city! Plus I get really impatient with bikes and people who cross the street when they shouldn’t. Not to mention that I can’t concentrate for two hours in a row for the life of me, I probably have some undiagnosed ADD, ’cause I’ve always been like that. Haha!

Enough with the driving, though. Two weekends ago a friend of mine celebrated her 41th birthday at this cabin and invited 6 of her girlfriends, myself included. 😉 Yay! Imagine Scandinavian weather- sunny, windy, rainy and sunny again-, shrimps galore, Prosecco and rosé, Moscow mule and lots of chit chat about pretty much everything under the stars.

We laughed and chatted long into the night, crowded in front of the sink to brush our teeth and went to sleep in each our own direction. I chose the loft to be on my own, both to spare the others from my teeth-grinding and because as much as I don’t like sleeping without F, I like sharing a bedroom with other girls even less. 😉

The fjord was right there and we all had a dip the first day, the girls talking about how your body never gets back to its original shape after the 2. baby and me thinking that I still have the same issues I did when I was 16. Haha! Mature much?


Baileys coffee with icecream as a night cap is as good as life gets. So is breakfast with girlfriends, lingering over coffee, blanket on your feet and the fire place right by you. I can’t wait to get my driver’s license and book a cabin for the weekend and invite my friends over.


xxx, Alina

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