Life is Precious

Coming home on Monday night, we were shocked to find out a neighbor was missing. Apparently the Police had been around, asking questions about when she’d been seen last, the divers had searched the river, and they organized a terrestrial and a helicopter search, too. Like in the movies. My heart felt so heavy- here we were complaining about the wind in Amsterdam and a lady from around here says she hopes she’ll at least be found! And I can’t wrap my head around what this means.

I didn’t know her well, in fact I’d only met her once, but I was won over by the fact that she offered to sit Sammy sometimes, it’s not like I’d actually ask her to do it, but it’s nice of people to say something more than hello since it doesn’t happen very often in this country.

Don’t worry, I won’t say that it makes me wonder if I live enough, play enough, enjoy enough stuff, there’s no time for all that experiencing and doing anyways. But I sure wish I lived my life more willingly and less by going with the flow. I’m sure you can relate. I was reading the other day about a Danish philosopher who believes we should miss out on more stuff, but to me it can hardly apply, since the days I work regular hours, I can only hope to have enough energy left for Sam and making dinner. Speaking of Sam, I’m fetching him today from my friend Gordana, can’t wait to play with that fluff again!

Thinking of making some buns to take with me, since I don’t have to be there until 19 and it’s only 14, meaning I’ll have enough time for my nap, tidying the place and baking something, too. I was thinking of those, what do you reckon?

Otherwise I’ve promised myself never to travel in Europe during winter again, next year’s early spring destination will be a faraway hotspot where I can wear my Panama hat and the biggest diva sunglasses, although I don’t have any of those, yet. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of Amsterdam. Take care of each other and of yourselves! Life is precious even when lived at half pace, I’d know! 😉

xxx, Alina

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