Wooly headed

I’ve always been a bit absent-minded, but lately it’s been getting worse and worse. I don’t know if it’s because the last couple of years have been tough on me, if it’s the medicine or if it comes with age, but I hope it’s not going to be like this forever ’cause one day I’m going to find myself in trouble.

21314568_10154837357926711_9032729032381259265_nhappy as f*

Let me just tell you a couple of episodes, so you can see what I mean. A couple of weeks ago I asked a colleague of mine if he’d  be willing to take over a case for me, since I’d be in Rome one of those two days. When I was about to send an email and let the court know about the change, it turns out it was in September, not August. And that was a bad day anyway, ’cause I had another trial that day, so I had to give it away only my colleague wouldn’t be able to take it, since he was busy as well.

On Saturday we had a small house-warming party and we were both looking forward to it. I was slowly making myself ready while F showed some signs of stress when a friend calls me to say they’d be fashionably late. “But it’s only 17:30, I answer. The party’s not until 19.” “Really? The event says 18!” I was standing in my home wear and hadn’t started on the cake yet, but I couldn’t have done more if I stressed either, so I just went on at my own pace. (F, on the other side…) Fortunately no one came until 19 anyways and the cake was ready and I had just put a dress on! Phew!

Things culminated today, after a really tiresome day yesterday, when I had to wake up at 5 to be in another town at 9 and I was feeling sick all day. It felt like someone was sitting on my head and my brains would explode. And every time I sat for too long (more than 1h), I’d sense my body going into a sleeping mode and had to go to the lady’s room and splash water onto my face while jumping up and down. I threw up on the way home, had a 2 h nap and had trouble falling asleep again last night.

This morning, I had to wake up early again, convinced I was due in court in another town at 9. I burnt the Bialetti (forgot to add water), raced poor Sammy around the neighbourhood and finally I was there, half an hour early, just in time for COFFEE! I check my mail again to see which room the court session is in and I discover I’m a month early! You can only imagine my frustration, ’cause I have no words for it, I felt like slapping myself red in the face!

And so it goes. I think I need a bath and some banana cake, just made some right now. I should be doing some accountancy and I will, too, but for now I’m still not really awake and it’s 15:30! Light drizzle outside, so Sammy’s sleeping in the house, what a blessing to have such a sweet natured dog!

xxx, Alina



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