Trip to the Countryside

There are few things I love more than my mother country in summer. The poppy fields, lounging with bubbles in a beer garden, visiting my grandma in the countryside and eating all kinds of fruit straight from the source, coffee breaks with my friends, dinners with my family, the sweet scent of linden and honeysuckle, children playing in the parks, to name a few. IMG_0710.jpg

These days I’ve done just that, plus complaining about the heat in skimpy dresses and swollen feet.


After a night with a bit too much rosé wine, we had to wake up early and started on a journey to the country side, to visit my grandma.


On the way there, I managed to convince my brother to stop by a poppy field to take some pictures and stretch our legs. Diana was a happy peep, running around and posing for the camera, but as soon as she’d done that she asked my mum for a sandwich and a banana, ’cause when you’re on a roadtrip, you could eat something. 😉






At my grandma’s, the strawberries were ripe and the cherries were almost done and so we gorged ourselves on all that fruit until we felt our bellies swell.





We also found red currants, but they were too sour for our taste and so we left them there for the next visitors.


Grandma has lots of roses and we smelled them all. Although she’s 91, she still keeps an impeccable garden and there were no weeds in sight.



Hope you enjoyed the entry as much as we enjoyed the trip. 😉

xxx, Alina


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