Sunny Day in Bergen

I’m not done with Bergen and Bergen is not done with me. In fact, I’ll be there for a whole week at the end of June with my good friend Adriana and I can’t wait! 😉 Another human trafficking case, but after hours, this baby is going to do some world class eating and shopping. 😉 haha!


Last time I was there we had mainly bad weather, but this day was fantastic and I completely forgot to blog about it. I was tired after work, the way I often am when there’s too many impressions to digest and that in new working conditions, too. But I only had a short nap and made sure to grab my camera for a swing outside.


The city was bright with colours and people were drinking beer outside, although it wasn’t really that warm, but who cares, as long as the sun is shining?!



I, too, made an attempt at sitting outside, but it only worked for a couple of minutes and I had to surrender to biology.




I did take a brisk walk through the city, though, letting myself get filled with hope and happiness, thinking that God, if only I were living in a country where the sun shines every day, I’d be happy beyond measure and at the same time knowing very well it’s not how it works.


Can’t wait to be back, I hope you have the best of weeks in store for me! ❤



See you in a month’s time!

xxx, Alina

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