My Party

I’m going to Bergen for four days and I can’t wait. Actually I wish I could stay home in my pjs and make the same amount of money, but since that doesn’t happen to us, mortals, I can’t wait. 😉

On Saturday I hosted a lovely party and I had such a good time I will now be able to work without recess until Easter. 😉 haha! I did wear a cute dress and high heels, but somehow I completely forgot to take pictures and the ones we took in the beginning made me look like a witch, so no go. 😉_MG_0017(older picture)I love my parties, I have to admit. Since I’m not particularly fond of dancing and I love talking, I tend to forget about music altogether and just propel myself from one place to another fetching drinks and mingling. I had a colourful and loud bunch of friends over, some old and some new, just the way I like it. Many of my long-time friends have kids and tend to cancel parties and so I seem to be able to make new friends with older kids or no kids at all. I know I sound awful, but I’m still not ok with everybody having kids except for me, that’s why.

Geopolitical topics were discussed, historic short stories were told, as well as good old jokes about women and French men, about scoring points and about how seemingly whatever French people do is cool just because they’re French. I literally wet my pants from laughter a couple of times. Ramin, our Iranian friend says: “So I get the feeling French men are more successful here than in their own country when it comes to women. If they say something, you’ll be all- Oh, it’s French! If they kiss you, you’ll be, oh French kiss! Like we didn’t kiss for 5000 years before you!” Haha! Beat that!

And while I missed many of the people who couldn’t make it or whom I hadn’t invite because they’re going through a tough time, the ones I missed the most were Songsit and Hall, my very own muses and the ones who always “tickle my vanity”, as we say in Romanian. I mean we girls can be nice to each other from time to time, guys can be nice to girls too, although there’s always a thin line between flattery and too much attention, but gay guys can somehow kiss you on your bare back and still get away with it. 😉 haha!

So while waiting for the plumber to come and packing my bags for Bergen, I wish you a great week and lots of laughter. I know that’s what I’m looking forward to. 😉


xxx, Alina

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