November mood

I survived a couple of intense weeks, including commuting for 3 h every day four days this week, but that left me completely without energy. And so my plan for today is to walk Sammy, Netflix, nap, Hbo, nap again, drink mulled wine and scratch my crotch. (not literally, of course) And then bake some pizza and espresso cookies. (recipe tomorrow)Skjermbilde 2016-11-19 17.21.57.pngFor now I’m one walk, a brunch and a mulled wine cup down the road. 😉 Sammy’s resting and so is F, he’s going out with his former colleagues later, but that won’t stop me and my boy from having fun. (throwing tennis balls across the apartment)Skjermbilde 2016-11-19 17.22.18.pngI’m so tired I went to sleep at 9:30 pm yesterday, woke up around 9:30 today and I still yawned all day long. I guess I’ll be feeling better tomorrow, planning on a trip to the woods.Skjermbilde 2016-11-19 17.22.35.png

I’m working hard to pay my debts, but did take the liberty to buy myself some parrot tulips and two small vases for my collection- Coee design. Don’t you just love them?Skjermbilde 2016-11-19 17.22.57.png

Have a lovely weekend!

xxx, Alina

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