Spring Wish List

Aside from needing to replace my dead plants, rearrange my office and put my economy in order (Gosh, I’ve been saying that for years!), I could do with a couple of new things in my wardrobe, too. 😉 1-17-22872-S16-navy_collection1

Navy Trench Coat from Filipa K, the perfect choice for a prudish office girl like me. 😉



Jersey Belt Dress from Filipa K, isn´t it gorgeous?! 😉 I think navy might just be my favourite colour!


Hermes silk scarf, what can I say?! I´m a sucker for all things pretty and silk is at the top of the list! Don´t you just love the colours?


Hermes enamel bracelet, for that fancy dinner by the harbour. 😉


Princess Tam Tam swimwear- because I´m an optimist, always hoping for good weather and a change to take a dip in the water.


Delicate, peach coloured underwear from Princess Tam Tam- because I saved all my pennies in 12th grade to buy myself a set like this one, only yellow. haha! 😉

Have a lovely spring! ❤

xxx, Alina






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