I´m back!

Hi, how are you all? I´ve been down with the flu for the the better part of last week and it´s been horrendous. And as if being inactive wasn´t a bore in itself, laying in bed for so many days in a row threw out my back, too! Every inch of my body hurt, I could barely breathe and I either froze or had hot flashes, in fact I had to change the sheets so many times I didn´t have anything to put on the bed in the end!;-)


Although I was still not in top shape, yesterday I had to work, but that was just as well, ’cause I’d just finished watching the last season of Nurse Jackie and I was starting to itch for something to happen! 😉10321001_10153455423166711_9008009737373270532_o.jpg

I got Sammy boy back on Saturday evening and although he´s a blessing to have, his trips were short on account of my cold. Today the stars aligned though- the weather was mild and sunny, my day in court finished midday and I was in a glorious mood just for surviving the flu, so I took him to the woods to make it up to him.  12476785_10153455360331711_2046984782_o.jpg

I bought some daffodils on my way home and had a glass of Prosecco in the sun, now that´s what I call bliss! 😉12018712_10153455003926711_2113202693_o.jpg


And my boy loved every minute of his walk, the first signs of spring, the last patches of snow, the freedom, the connection. 😉10604041_10153455426696711_7736342731606118109_o.jpg

Just take a look at the happy mountain goat! 😉

xxx, Alina


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