Spring wardrobe

There hasn´t been much sign of spring in Oslo yet, but yesterday I could smell it for the first time, through my bedroom window, as I´m lying in bed down with a cold.

Spring always gets me in the mood for a change and since change is all I´ve been through lately, now I´ll concentrate on the harmless changes, like a seasonal wardrobe and the likes. 1221176106001-a-stresa_normalFor example this gorgeous dress and pumps from Max Mara, what do you reckon?1781016106003-e-pegno_normalOr these trousers? Swooning!9131016106001-e-lubiana_normalWhat about this outfit? I´m afraid I wouldn´t be able to take the shoes seriously since they remind me too much of the Chinese velvet version and the middle aged ladies who used to wear them in Romania back when  I was growing up.


If I were to invest in one satchel, this Ferragamo one would be THE ultimate piece! Pure <3!


Last, but not least, yes please! Classic Ferragamo pumps with sensible heels! 😉

Tell me what you think!

xxx, Alina

Source: maxmara.com, ferragamo.com

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