New Year´s Resolutions

  1. Be more cultural. Didn´t get the chance to see Yayoi Kusama´s Infinity Mirrored Room at Louisiana Museum in Copenhagen, but our own Hennie Onstad Art Centre is hosting it in February, so I´ll be sure to make it there in time. Don´t you just love the colours and patterns?kusama003
  2. Travel more. It´s my perpetual New Year´s Resolution and yet I´ve never been on another continent. Maybe 2016 is the lucky year?new-york-city
  3. Dare to take the jump, whatever that might be. Career-wise I´m applying for psychology classes from fall, fingers crossed! 😉jump-off-the-cliff
  4. Do more of what makes you happy- take time to work out, I seldom prioritise it. Between working too much, walking Sammy, socialising and the huge amounts of alone time needed, there´s little room left for working out. Or it might very well be a pretext. I´m good at that. intro-pilates-400x4005. Get pretty stuff. Princess Tam-Tam is my favourite lingerie line and I think it´s about time I get an update on that particular front, too. 😉24592

What are your New Year´s Resolutions? 😉 Any achievable ones, or just the  far-fetched type? 😉

xxx, Alina




3 thoughts on “New Year´s Resolutions

  1. I have similar New Year’s resolution. I’m sharing those on my post. It should be ready to be posted tomorrow night. None of them are far-fetched- all fairly achievable. 🙂

  2. New years resolutions are actually a good idea in my opinion, even though they are hard to follow through with sometimes… They make you reflect on your year and “dream” bigger. I hope you get into psychology! It’s so interesting, I’ve touched on it a bit in my educational career as well. Mostly from a sneaky PR / marketing perspective though, haha.

    My only “resolution” this year is to exercise more, and as it’s my last year of uni hopefully I’ll also be strong while trying to find a job. Happy new years (in advance) ❤

    1. Likewise! 😉 Thank you for your kind words! I´ve also “touched” the subject of psychology when studying Ethnicity and Multicultural Societies, as well as in the interpreting studies. It would be so cool to be able to work in the field! 😉
      Happy New Year´s to you, too! 😉

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