Lunch at Vino Veritas

Yesterday I had lunch with a dear friend at Vino Veritas and I liked the place so much I decided to move Vuong´s birthday party there! 😉 It´s a local tapas restaurant, just 5 minutes from our home, they have lots of space and a lovely terrace, so we can bring Sam and invite friends with kids, too! 😉 Yey! And then we can go home for cake, if people feel like it. So I can´t wait! 😉

Now back to yesterday´s date. We both live close by and we´re “local patriots”, so why not support a neighbourhood business, we thought?! 😉 And boy, did we choose right! I had the vegetarian cheese salad and Merete- rolled fish and steamed veggies. Very tasty and on the inexpensive side, too. We shared a bottle of Cava, feeling a little bit guilty, but then it was just right in the sun! Besides, it was Friday, after 4 pm. It should do it!

Merete´s dog, Arthur, was lucky enough to join us, he and Sam don´t get along, so they tag along every second time. 😉 We were alone for 2,5 hours, which was great for us, but we started feeling bad for their business. We had to ask, we wouldn´t want them to turn bankrupt! Luckily it turns out they´re booked a lot in August, it´s just that in July people either roam the city or they finally have time to cook something decent at home. Fair enough, I could relate to that, too.


We threw some ball and this guy here was as excited as one could imagine to run freely in the garden. As it so happens, he misunderstood “around” to mean “on top of” and so he jumped on the table (not ours, thank God!). “Jump for joy” just got a new meaning after that! hahaha!

11816333_10153026050741711_9178201113296068575_oThis is what the restaurant looks inside, green and inviting. The waiter is Spanish, too, so they´re trying for the authentic feeling. What else can I say, if in Oslo, don´t hesitate to book a table at Vino Veritas!

xxx, Alina

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