Hi, folks! What have you been up to lately? 😉 June has been a good month for me, the weather is starting to look up, there´s an abundance of flowers and greenery everywhere, work has been more steady and my depression- history. The last couple of weeks, living has been easy, working 3-4 hours a day, leaving me lots of time to spend walking with my baby, lunching and dining with friends, making popsicles and light salads or just drinking Prosecco and watching Dexter til early morning hours. 😉

Yesterday we celebrated 10 years of marriage, we kept the celebration simple since V is working hard for SEEK and I´m working hard to get on top of my finances again, so any assignments are welcome. 😉 But the weather was amazing and we grabbed some Indian and paired it with a couple of beers at Oslo Mekaniske. It´s one of our favourite places, it has both sun and shade, a lush garden and a bohemian atmosphere. And it´s pretty close to our home. 

On Monday we´re leaving for Berlin! I´ll keep you posted! This is what Berlin Arena looks like! You can bet we´ll be swimming there lots!

Source: www.hostelxberger.com

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