I´m that crazy dog lady

You know those old ladies walking around with small dogs like they were their babies? That´s me in 30 years, only with a big fur baby! I´d made up my mind, I was never going to turn into one of these crazy dog ladies! I couldn´t stand them! Such a lack of insight! And yet I am all of that now. Most of my spare time revolves around Sam. I talk to him on the street. I kiss him loudly and I ´d do pretty much whatever it takes to make him smile, like in this picture.


I had a friend who used to make pancakes for her dog. It was an old, cranky and bad-behaved dog and I couldn´t stand him! I used to think it was an obsession to have a dog chair and a dog blanket and all that fuss. Haha! To my defence, Sam is a lovely, good-natured and unfussy dog, he doesn´t need his own blanket and doesn´t crave pancakes, either, but I´m pretty sure I´d go out of my way to satisfy his most peculiar needs had that brought me closer to him. 😉IMG_5448

Remember what I told you about Scandinavian summers? You have to take them for what they are. If the sun is shining in the morning, it doesn´t necessarily mean it´ll be sunny and warm in the afternoon, too. So when the clouds seemed to settle yesterday, I took my Sammy for a walk to the beach. He loves to bathe and doing so when nobody else is around is a blessing! (he can be pretty noisy from all the excitement!)IMG_5472


On our way there we admired the lush landscape, me by taking pictures and Sam by sniffing and peeing on it. 😉IMG_5471

This is Sørenga Beach, a new addition to our marina, 15 minutes´ walk from our home. IMG_5450




Don´t I look handsome? I knew it!




I only dipped my toes, I swear!



IMG_5476After a bath, a rest is in order. Can´t we stay a little longer, ma?

xxx, Alina

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