A night to remember

We´re back in Oslo, where it´s refreshingly chilly and time seems to have stood still, as in the trees are still in full bloom and you still need a jacket and a wool scarf to get by. 😉 For a couple of days now we´ve decluttered the place, thrown some stuff away, put some shoes on sale and now we feel lighter already. Thought I´d have a short break and write about our last night in Bucharest, when we went out for dinner and drinks with my best friend and her husband.

IMG_4213 We met by the Anteneul Roman, where some people were taking photos for a wedding, so the spirits were high and so was the hair style. 😉 IMG_4215 IMG_4218 What do you know? Both of us were wearing jeans jackets and stripes!;-) We went on and on in circles, not wanting to sit down right by their apartment, but not in the Old Town, either. So we ended up in a cute little bar by Piata Amzei, I forget its name. It used to be a Chinese restaurant and they kept some its old decorations, which makes it even more interesting. They had good beer and drinks, but the customers were heavy on their smokes, so we decided to have dinner somewhere else. IMG_4221 IMG_4231 IMG_4235 IMG_4238 The clientele was young and hip and I kind of wished I was 20 again and at the same time I was happy I wasn´t, ´cause I used to try so hard to fit in and never did, anyway. Haha! IMG_4246 Tender moments, captured by yours truly or V. 😉 He´s better with photography, I usually spot the cool things before him. 😉IMG_4249 IMG_4254 This head dress she´s wearing was incredibly popular in the ´80s and I remember my mother used to wear it for weddings and such. What a pretty lady, don´t you find?IMG_4262 It was museum night, free entrance for everybody who felt like queueing for hours, lights everywhere and plenty of excitement. IMG_4277 We ended up at Shift for an especially good Romanian wine (I always forget its name!) and pasta for the girls. They boys had some giant veal and chicken snitzel and weren´t able to eat more than half of it. We were more than happy with our ravioli dishes.

IMG_4298The atmosphere was lovely, a warm summer night, cute little lights and smell of flowers, too bad the guys at the table next to us were rude and loud and my friend told me one of them was staring, too. But we pretended not to care and had a blast catching up on good old days. (I used to hate high school days when in high school, now I kind of missed them..)

Oh, well! We had a good time, then went over to our apartment and picked up from where we´d left, with a bottle of red wine and some cheese crackers. Cheers to that!

xxx, Alina

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