Sweet freelance life

Second Easter day was spent “en famille”. My father came from Romania yesterday and we had a nice breakfast with lots of lovely coffee and cozonac, our traditional holiday cake. I was lucky not to have anything on my agenda and had sort of decided not to work, but when nobody required my services, I was even happier I didn´t have to turn anybody down.

It was a fresh and sunny day and I had a long walk with Sam. I let him run free and chase the geese by the lake, then we went all the way to the marina to enjoy the view. Later on I had coffee with a friend and her 2 months daughter, in our neighborhood coffeeshop. 😉 On my way home again I picked up some fresh tulips and a bottle of wine. V is making shrimps with leeks in a tomato sauce, served with white rice for dinner, then we´re out to have a beer with a friend of ours.

The days are so much longer and the light helps a lot on my mood! I feel like doing stuff again and not only bake and hide under the covers. 😉 Oslo is pretty nice in spring, I always forget that during the long winter. IMG_2393


These are our traditional dyed eggs, they spruce up our kitchen! I haven´t made any yet, I usually get them from my mom. IMG_2398


A glass of wine before dinner and a little blogging is therapy for the soul. So good to have some time for myself!

IMG_2403I found this rock at a thrift store the other day, I´m so in love with it I can´t even begin to tell you!

Have a lovely week!

xxx, Alina

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