A Quiet Weekend

My plans this weekend boiled down to a date with my couch. I´ve been watching Bosch on Netflix and it was good enough pass time for me. We´ve been so busy lately, either entertaining, visiting friends or partying, that I needed a complete break from any social activities. So I spent my morning online, then baked cheese and ham horns for brunch. Afterwards I got a new haircut at the corner hairdresser for a ridiculous amount of money (v cheap) and promised I´d step in as her model on Monday. I´ve been told I have Wella-hair ever since I can remember, I guess I was just waiting to be discovered for commercials. Bahahaha! Kidding! 😉

Later on we had a walk with Sam in Kampen, one of my favorite areas in Oslo, but by then I´d had so much coffee that we didn´t stop at the local coffee shop. It was good to just walk around the block for an hour or so and by the time we got home I felt chilly and tired. Bosch was delightful for a couple of hours and it lulled me into sleep. In the evening I made fish soup, Thai style.  And then we watched Netflix until 3 o´clock am. So much fun! I felt like 20!

Today the sun is shining and I can´t bear the thought of another lazy day, so we´re going to town with Sam. We´ll grab a couple of potato nan bread from Punjab, an institution in Oslo, then walk all the way to the harbor. I´ll take my camera, promise you some good pictures!

xxx, Alina

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