Christmas gifts suggestions

Christmas is around the corner and this year I´m in the mood for treating my loved ones with fancy things. I´m generally a bad gifter, since I tend to offer what I myself would be glad for receiving, but if you by any chance have a luxurious taste, you´re in luck!;-) I love anything that´s natural, the simpler, the better. I get high on silk, wool, leather and marble. This is what I´d love to get this year!

This amazing lamp made out of recycled parts by Erica Marley in Oslo.  I simply adore its unadorned expression!

You can never go wrong with Hermès! Or a silk scarf, for that matter. I´d love to wear this one and so would my mother, I reckon!;-)

What about a hand painted lamp  by Jana Bek? Ever since I stumbled upon it, the color´s been haunting me. Although a bit too grown-up for my style, I think it would fit right in in a more traditional home. 😉

Last, but not least, I´m a sucker for a nice pair of gloves. By investing in quality, you get good leather that won´t just tear after a year´s use. Keep away from dogs, apparently it´s really yummy to chew.;-)


xxx, Alina


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