This week has gone fast and yet not fast enough. I´ve started working  9-4 with a few exceptions and it´s good to be able to come home and walk Sammy and make some food without constantly being in a rush. I managed to go to the gym once and I hope I can attend yoga tomorrow. It feels good to find some time for yourself. I spend enormous amounts of time on Netflix, but that´s because I´m too tired to do anything else. I´m bad with manicure, but I love it when I have one, so I realized I had to prioritize a bit. Breakfast or manicure? The latter!;-)

On Thursday I went out to dinner with my friend Kristin, we tried the new Japanese place at Paleet, Sabaki. We had edamame, teppanyaki-style beef and lamp chops and Italian espresso pannacotta from the neighboring restaurant, since they hadn´t put together a Japanese desert menu, yet. The food was yummy and the atmosphere very pleasant. I love eating out on a regular week day, it´s less crowded and less fussy.

After easing into the weekend on Thursday, Friday came with a pang. I ended up working a 12 hours´ day and collapsed on the couch when I finally got home. I slept 12 hours on end and here I am on Saturday morning, the house looking like a tornado just left. My friend Anna came to see me from Ireland with her 5 months baby girl and we barely found place to put her suitcase down. My head is spinning and I need to start tidying up, but instead I feel like doing nothing and just be. Cuddle with the cat, drink a cup of tea. I´ll rush to the store and buy some groceries for dinner, I reckon. Hope you have a great day!;-)


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