Autumn wish list

With September comes autumn and so I envision myself in a cosy couch with a lovely woolen plaid and a cup of cocoa. Since we threw away our old sofa a two seats couch is now doing the job and we´re not thrilled with it. It´s too small to sit comfortably, not to mention there´s no room for napping.  However, I don´t despair. I´ve set my eyes on this baby from Andreas Engesvik, I drool whenever I see it. 😉

We still haven´t gotten around to buy the Louis Poulsen PH lamp, the copper version, and although it´s a limited edition, I see they still have it a couple of places. Needless to say, it´s the next thing on my list. Hope I´ll get it for Christmas.

Last, but not least, we need some funky shelving in this place, we have literally no storage place and had to place most of our books in the basement. What do you think?

Until my next holiday, I´m saving all my pennies!

xxx, Alina

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