My favorite day of the week finally arrived and I made it count. 😉 We had a long breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon and tomatoes with the mandatory coffee. Later on I pretended Sam was not a polar dog, but an urban one, so I dragged him to a flea market and the farmers´market. Needless to say, he wasn´t pleased and he barked and howled and scared the bejesus out of both kids and smaller dogs. Silly mom, why couldn´t she just stick with the woods!

He did get to say hi to a couple of she-dogs, so it wasn´t a complete waste. Besides, we had coffee with two of his favorite people, our friends Franck and Elif. We only bought a small jar of jam since I´m on a shopping ban until Paris. (One cannot seriously think of not buying anything from Paris!)

Ready to have a nap now, missing only the cat. 😉

Have a great weekend! xxx, Alina

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