Summer goodies

Since Monday, my strict low-carb diet is over and I´ve been trying to eat healthy and stay off the worst types of food.  I even signed a monthly membership at the gym where a friend of mine goes, so I´d have to stick to our deal. I´ve already been to yoga and every single muscle of my body has been hurting ever since. 😉  I´ve made a new appointment for pilates on Monday, meanwhile, I try to stick to my abs and squats on an everyday basis.

What did change though is my desire for sugar. We went to a couple of parties and I indulged in a little bit of cake there, a pannacotta here, you know the drill. And all I think of is sugar! Grrrr! Thought I´d share a couple of pictures from Pinterest, hoping I won´t need to taste them as long as I can rest my eyes upon them, the way I sometimes do with shopping. Have you tried? Go to netaporter, fill your basket with the sassiest babies and don´t proceed to the counter. Just know that they´re a click away. 😉 Have a lovely Saturday! xxx. Alina



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