Saturday morning

Hi! How ya´doing?

I´m done with my written exam in order to become a state certified interpreter, now I just have to wait until December to see the result. Meanwhile I´m so relieved I almost feel I should start on another big project.  At the same time I feel completely apathetic, can´t even decide what to do with my Saturday, I just want to read a good book, drink a good cup of tea or indulge in some dark chocolate.

For a girl who feeds on plans, having none is pure bliss. I´ll just read the paper and cuddle with Beo until Vuong comes home from work, listening to Madeleine Peyroux.  We´re going out this evening,  I don´t even feel like deciding which restaurant. I need to find a dress in my wardrobe, it shouldn´t be a problem, dresses are the only thing I have enough of, dresses and silk scarves are my big passion.

Haven´t been to the theatre in ages, maybe I´ll book tickets for tomorrow. You need to do something else than lunch with friends and go to flea markets all the time. And I need to wash some clothes. Everything seems so straining today. How´s your Saturday?


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